Vision: Construction of peaceful developed society in Sindh. Mission Statement: SGA is a Human Social Organization, Which recognizes intercultural and interpersonal as the fundamental basis for voluntary work. Objectives: Sindh Graduates Association is a non-political Humane Social Organization recognizing inter-cultural and inter personal interaction for national harmony and peace among all sections of population and…Read More


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Mahtab Akbar Rashdi  (EX-Chairperson)

Chairperson SGA Mr.Ali Hussain Brohi


(Jan-2022-20 Oct-2022)

The Association evolved from coming together of a small group of enlightened individuals concerned over the poor level of development existing in Sindh. Now, it has emerged with a network of 125 branches in Sindh including one each at Islamabad and Lahore, and a chain 23 of Roshan Tara Schools across Sindh. Besides, various social sector projects…Read More


(20 Oct-2022-24)

Mr. Ali Hussain Brohi has rich and diversified portfolio with over 30 years of experience in different departments of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) viz. BP&RD, BID, BC&CPD, Chief Manager SBP — Hyderabad & Quetta Offices and Regional Head (South). On acquisition of Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (PSPC) by State Bank of Pakistan he was deputed at PSPC as Executive Director in June 2017…Read More


Mr. Wali Mohammad Roshan is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over five decades. Born in a humble background in 1946, Mr. Roshan has academic qualifications in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sindh in 1968 and a Bachelor of Law from the same university in 1970…Read More



Education is one of the most fundamental areas of the SGA interventions and the Association has been carrying out different activities in this field for the past 44 years which eventually led to the establishment of new schools, improving and modernizing of the education, strengthening of existing schools to fulfill the needs of a vast population to bring order, peace, sustainable social, economic and technological development in this region.

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تاريخ. 9 سيپٽمبر 2023ع.

سنڌ گريجوئيٽس ايسوسيئيش (سگا) شاخ باڊھ پاران بلڊ پريشر، شگر، رڳن ۽ دماغ جي بيمارين جي ماھر ڊاڪٽرن ڊاڪٽر جھانگير عواڻ، ڊاڪٽر مختيار احمد لاکو، مير محمد ۽ ٻين جي نگراني ھيٺ نئين ٽائون ڪاميٽي باڊھ ۾ ھڪ ڏينھن واري مفت ميڊيڪل ڪئمپ لڳائي وئي ڪئمپ جو افتتاح صدر سگا شاخ باڊھ عبدالرزاق سومرو، چيئرمين ٽائون ڪاميٽي باڊھ بدر الدين ساريو، سينيئر صحافي ۽ اطلاعات سيڪريٽري سگا شاخ باڊھ اڪبر آزاد ھيسباڻي ۽ ٻين گڏجي ڪيو، ان موقعي تي سگا اڳواڻن ڳالھائيندي چيو تہ باڊھ ۽ آس پاس جي ماڻھن جي صحت ۽ ڀلائي خاطر سگا پاران ھي ڪئمپ لڳائي وئي آھي ھنن چيو تہ مھانگائي، بدامني ۽ کاڌ خوراڪ جي ڪمي يا ملاوتي کاڌن سميت ٻين سببن ڪري ماڻھو سخت پريشان آھن ۽ ذھني دٻاءُ جو شڪار پڻ آھي جنھن ڪري شگر، بلد پريشر، رڳن توڙي دماغي مرض ۽ مادي سميت ٻين بيمارين ۾ واڌ ٿي آھي! موجودھ حالات ۾ غريب مسڪين ماڻھو جتي پاءُ اٽي جو وٺڻ وقت بہ ھزار ڀيرا سوچي ٿو اُتي ھو مھانگا علاج ۽ دوائون ڪٿان وٺي سگھي ٿو اھڙي صورت ۾ سگا شاخ باڊھ اھو ضروري سمجھيو تہ ھن قسم جي ڪئمپ لڳائي وڃي. ڪئمپ تي 185 ماڻھن جي چڪاس ڪري مفت مشورا ۽ دوائون فراھم ڪيون ويون پروگرام ۾ سگا اڳواڻن سميت شھرين ۽ معززين توڙي صحافين نظام الدين ڪولاچي، حسن ڪلھوڙو، محمد خان گاڏھي، نور محمد بليدي، ڊاڪٽر عبدالرحيم ڏيرو، شفيق احمد سومرو، بابر سومرو، وسيم احمد سومرو، ياسر، منصور احمد سومرو ۽ ٻين ڀرپور شرڪري ڪري سگا شاخ باڊھ جي اھڙي عمل جي واکاڻ ڪئي ۽ اھڙي قسم جي صحتمند سرگرمين کي جاري رکڻ جو عزم ورجايو.
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سموري سنڌ ۾ سگا جو ڪردار واکاڻ جوڳو آھي. سگا زندھ آباد

زبردست سائين

تاريخ. 8 سيپٽمبر 2023ع.

سگا ٺل شاخ پاران 08 سيپٽمبر 2023 `` تعليم جي عالمي ڏينهن´´ جي موقعي تي سيد عبدالقادر شاه جيلاني هاء اسڪول ٺل ۾ پروگرام ٿي گذريون، جنهن جو مهمان خاص سيد خاندان جو سياسي جانشين سيد رضوان علي شاه جيلاني جن هئا، اعزازي مھمان محترم عبدالله نوناري صدر سگا ٺل شاخ، پرگرام جي صدارت اسڪول جي هيڊ ماستر محترم محمد موسئ گولو ڪئي، پروگرام ۾ شاگردن، استادن ۽ سماجي اڳواڻن تعليم جي اهميت تي روشني وڌي ، سگا جي جي ساٿين شھاب الين سرڪي، گل حسن ميراڻي، شبير احمد قريشي، اصغر علي ڀٽي ۽ ٻين پڻ شرڪت ڪئي ، ان موقعي تي شاگردن ۾ انعام پڻ ورهايا ويا.
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تاريخ. 8 سيپٽمبر 2023ع.

روشن تارا ھاء اسڪول سيوھڻ ۾ 8 سيپٽمبر 2023 تي خواندگي جو عالمي ڏهاڙو ملهايو ويو. جنھن ۾ اسڪول جي شاگردن تعليم جي حوالي سان تقريون ۽ ٽيبلا پيش ڪيا. ان کان علاوہ مھمان خاص ۾ محترم خير محمد ٻرڙو، عبدالواحد جھيجو، نور محمد سيال، امداد سروري، دادن اوڏ، نظير حسين سومرو، جن تعليم جي حوالي سان تقريون ڪري پنھنجا ويچار ونڊيا.
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Well done SGA Markaz

Date. 9th September 2023.

The Career Counselling Seminar held at the H.M. Khoja Auditorium Hall on 9th September 2023 was a joint effort between the Sindh Education Foundation SBA and the Sindh Graduates Association Nawabshah. The event aimed to provide guidance to the youth and create awareness about future career opportunities. The seminar witnessed the participation of a large number of students, teachers, parents, and SGA members.

Distinguished keynote speakers from various renowned institutions and the social sector addressed the audience. These speakers included:

1. Dr. Zahid Hussain Abro - Pro-Vice Chancellor, Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology, Nawabshah/Larkana
2. Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Aamir - Dean Medical Sciences, People's University of Medical Health and Sciences, Nawabshah (for women)
3. Engineer Muhammad Khan Bhangwar - Registrar, SBBVU Sakrand
4. Prof. Intesab Sadhayo - Chairman Computer Systems, QUEST Nawabshah
5. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Unar - Regional Manager TCF

The seminar began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by a student from the Foundation Assisted Roshni Higher Secondary Public School, M Ismail Keerio. The stage secretary for the event was Mr. Ubed Machhi, Joint Secretary of SGA. Mr. Imam Bux Arisar, Regional Head of Sindh Education Foundation, welcomed all the participants and provided a brief overview of the seminar's objectives.

The keynote speakers engaged the audience by sharing valuable insights and the latest information pertaining to various fields of study. They emphasized the importance of speaking the truth, maintaining moral values, and showing dedication to education. In the era of technology, the speakers provided guidance on utilizing online resources and research tools to attain a standard education.

The seminar proved to be highly interactive, with parents, students, and teachers actively participating and contributing valuable inputs. The session was fruitful in terms of providing guidance to the attendees.

The President of Sindh Graduates Association Nawabshah Rafique Ahmed Buller concluded the seminar by expressing gratitude to all the honorable guests, participants, and the Sindh Education Foundation team. Special thanks were extended to Mr. Imam Bux Arisar (Regional Head), Mr. Rajesh (District Officer), Mr. Abdul Wahab Shar, and the SGA team, including Secretary General, Mr. Abdulah Ghumro, Mr. Lalchand, Mr. Abid Lashari, Mr. Tariq Channar, Mr. M Aslam Mari, Mr. Ubedullah Machi, as well as partners of SEF, Mr. Ayaz Rajpar, Asif Rajpar, Mr. Talib Chandio, Mehran Public School Partner Gulzar Keerio The Project Academy Fozia Naz HWA Star School Hari Welfare Association and others who not only participated in the event but also encouraged their students to join.

SGA announced that their next program would be organized on 5th October 2023 to recognize the best teachers of Nawabshah. This initiative aims to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of teachers in shaping the future of the youth.

The Career Counselling Seminar successfully fulfilled its objective of providing valuable guidance and information to the attendees. It served as a platform for inspiring and motivating students to become leaders, uphold moral values, and pursue a path of honesty and sincerity in their educational endeavors.
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Well done SGA Markaz for Promotion of Education in Sindh as well as Pakistan 🇵🇰

تاريخ. 9 سيپٽمبر 2023ع.

سنڌ گريجوئيٽس ايسوسئيشن شاخ گهوٽڪي پاران سگا شاخ خانپور مهر جي تعاون سان حاجي محمد عارب ۽ حاجي عبدالرشید دايو جي ياد ۾ خانپور جي ڳوٺ چڪ اسلام آباد ۾ هڪ ڏينهن واري مفت جنرل ميڊيڪل ڪيمپ لڳائي وئي، جنهن ۾ مختلف مرضن ۾ وڪوڙيل هڪ هزار کان وڌيڪ مريضن جو معائنو ڪيو ويو ۽ مفت دوائون ڏنيون ويون، ڪيمپ ۾ مختلف مرضن جي ماهر ڊاڪٽرن جي ٽيم حصو ورتو جن ۾ ڊاڪٽر جهان آرا دايو، ڊاڪٽر شبنم شاهد دايو، ڊاڪٽر اشوڪ ڪمار ،ڊاڪٽر علي گل بلوچ، ڊاڪٽر محمد نواز ڪلوڙ، ڊاڪٽر علي حسن مهر،ڊاڪٽر سدرهہ ۽ ٻيا شامل آهن،ڪيمپ ۾ مختلف دوائن جي ڪمپنين جي نوجوانن جي ٽيم پڻ حصو ورتو، جن ۾ حسيب کوسو، شاهہ رخ،عبدالجبار مهر، نسرين ۽ ٻين پنهنجون خدمتون سرانجام ڏنيون، جڏهن تہ سگا جي مرڪزي ڪاميٽي جي ميمبر سيد علي رضا شاهہ، سگا خانپور مهر جي ڪنوينر قربان مھر، سگا گهوٽڪي جي صدر آغا بلاول پٺاڻ،نائب صدر ڊاڪٽر محمد نواز ڪلوڙ، جنرل سيڪريٽري رئوف پارس دايو، جوائنٽ سيڪريٽري سيد اقرار حسين شاهہ، بي ايم سي جي ميمبرن استاد سيد جمال شاهہ، حق نواز سومرو، محمد سليم دايو ۽ ٻين رضاڪار طور ڪردار ادا ڪيو، ڪيمپ جي پڄاڻي تي سگا خانپور مهر طرفان ڊاڪٽرن جي ٽيم ۽ آيل سڀني مهمانن کي اجرڪن جا تحفا پيش ڪيا ويا ۽ شاندار مانجهاندي جو اهتمام ڪيو ويو.
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    Public School Gadap, managed by Sindh Graduates Association(SGA) through a board of Governors, was established by the Government of Sindh especially for the rural areas of Sindh. The School is set out as a premier place for learning and nurturing students from Grade VI to XII. Public School Gadap offers high-quality academics, sports, and…Read More


    Social Sector Development People are the most precious resource of any country. An undeserved and marginalized community that is often sick or uneducated hardly contributes to the national strength of a country.  Sindh Graduates Association has been working since last 42 years and taking welfare measures for Provision of Healthcare, Education, Good nutrition and safe drinking…Read More



      Improve Quality of Education in through Establishment of I.T & Science Labs, and Installation of Solar System Roshan Tara Schools. Introduction: Sindh Graduates Association has been entered into the agreement in the month of May 2017 with Community Development Program, Planning and Development Department, Government of Sindh to implement an educational project for the promotion…Read More