Independence Day Celebration 2023
SEF team visiting PSG

Public School Gadap

SGA is managing Public School Gadap, Karachi, under 30 year’s lease agreement with Education Department Government of Sindh, with the sole objective of providing quality schooling to the prospective scholars from rural areas of Sindh. The school is set out as a premier place for learning and nurturing the students from Grade VI to XII. Public School Gadap offers high quality academics, sports and other co – curriculars activities for strengthening the overall personal facilities of learners. In addition to work carried out in classrooms, various clubs and societies are organized for promoting indoor and outdoor activities coupled with all types of sports to groom students towards personal excellence
Public School Gadap, managed by Sindh Graduates Association (SGA) through a board of governors, is a project of Government of Sindh. The MOU of the project was signed between Govt. of Sindh and SGA on 11 September 2011. PSG was envisioned by a great visionary of our time, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, being the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1994.
The first academic session of the school was commissioned on 09 November 2012. The school is educating boys and girls, studying in classes from VI to XII. The school offers accommodation to the students (boys and girls). A good number of day scholars also seek quality education at PSG. After the completion of six academic sessions with green star, PSG had taken a good decision to collaboration with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in 2018 to accommodate 372 students out of 452 as boarding students at PSG under the SEF’s scholarship program.As PSG had completed ten academic years in the annual strength 617 students.
Bakhsh Ali Lakho is one of the founding members of Sindh Graduates Association. He became member of SGA on 31st March 1972. His membership number in SGA is 12. He remained secretary Finance of SGA from 1972 to 1983 for continuously eleven years. Those were early days of trial and testing but volunteers of SGA with their love and worship succeeded every moment with flying colors. SGA represented Sindh on almost every front. SGA became popular name among masses because it worked in health, education, poverty reduction and social awareness programs. It was not digested and volunteers of SGA who were employed in the government were strictly restricted to participate. No Sooner was SGA banned in the regime of Gen Zia-ul-Haque When he officially and apparently sidelined himself from SGA. His inherent commitment to the cause of serving humanity continued and he performed his services with more vigor and valor. He remained in touch with his all volunteers and encouraged them to pursue selfless humanitarian services especially in the field of education and health. As soon as the ban on the employees of government to work in SGA was lifted, he along with other volunteers came into streamline with the same fervor and zeal. He was again made Secretary Finance for consecutive two terms from 1989 to 1993. Then he became Chairman to SGA for three times consecutively from 1994 to 2000. He has remained member central executive committee from 2006 to 2019 consecutive four terms in SGA. He is one of the most powerful persons of SGA whose opinions and decisions are highly weighed and honored. He has been blessed with wisdom and enlightenment to lead and help people against all odds.