For several years, the Sindh Graduates Association has been associated with the depth of our hearts and has become a symbol of our gratitude for the association’s guidance. It is apparent to me that institution sometimes work with great zeal, but for various reasons, the functioning of the institution has slowed down considerably,
which not only affects the employees but has a negative impact on the institution as a whole. I have felt the weight of responsibility upon our shoulders, and many reasons have contributed to this burden. We aim to identify these causes and resolve them. Our approach is to streamline the administrative structure, strengthen leadership, and foster the active participation of students in our endeavors.

Although we have not denied the validity of these reasons, we have put a considerable effort into finding these causes. When we feel the financial burden on our shoulders, these reasons have taken root. At this moment, our intention is not only to restrict our efforts to these societal concerns, but we are establishing organization whose purpose is to grasp our concepts, and we are making a more conscious effort to understand these concerns. It is vital for us to feel the need in the current times, and the initiative to resolve societal issues in Sindh requires a pragmatic planning. Therefore, we need to ponder deeply and not only involve young leadership but also engage them to identify solutions for the challenges faced in Sindh.

My belief is that when we empower the youth of Sindh and initiate and enable their capacity, we can start a journey towards the country’s betterment. The need is not just for their correction but to elevate them, as this contributes to the social and economic development of our society. With strong conviction, I believe that through these actions, not only will we have a more solid and organized structure, but we will also significantly contribute to the societal revolution in Sindh.

Let’s think together, bond, and practically establish a productive institution. Through this, we’ll contribute to the societal revolution’s progress.