Sindh Graduates Association is only organization working in Sindh, which is going to complete its half of the century for serving its people on purely volunteer basis. Since the day of its existing ( 1972) , there are hundreds and thousands of photographs , printed and manual reports, recorded cassets ( video as well as audio cassets) available at SGA head office but in a very unorganized and scattered shape. Looking at the importance of such material, it was decided to maintain that record well so that the loss of such historical record may be protected and life of the material may be extended. In this regard a Scheme was planned and initiated to implement as fol lowed. The separate Corner in the name of SGA Corner has been established at Mazhar ul Din Memon Resource Centre at head office, Karachi, where all such record is displayed and preserved.
1 Old Photographs
All old photographs were recollected and program, date and year wise segregated. All photographs are maintained in separate Photo Albums with captions so that the history, background and locations of the captured events may be preserved for proper maintenance.
2 Conversion of VCR Cassets in to CDs/DVDs
For the extension of life of the recorded audio and video material, all VCR cassets are converted in to CDs so that the mode of transmission of the recorded material may be made as per available functional modes of transmission. Now all recorded cassets are converted are available in CDs. All CDs are labeled with name of the events, date and year of event organized and venue where it was held. Further, pieces of historical speeches, lectures and in case of music’s are split which will be uploaded on the SGA you tube channel. All such material is being uploaded on the official website of the Association too.
3 Compilation of History
In first phase the list of Central Executive Committee Members is collected and organized tenure wise since the year, SGA was came in existing (1972). Second, the list of all awards nominees is also collected and tenure wise reorganized, particularly of those prominent personalities who served the people of Sindh in different fields and were awarded by the SGA on its Annual Day. The separate books have been published in the name of “SGA Ithaas”­ Part One, wherein history of CEC members, list of awarded persons and SGA publications is included. The tenure wise names of Counsel of Members (CO Ms) of all SGA branches is also compiled, which is also published in the name of “SGA Almas” as second book of the Scheme. The SGA Publications are also collected, in this regard the list of all publications is rearranged of all books published by SGA, all kind of reports including meeting minutes off the CECs and other major printed documents are merged in to one list and included in the book, “SGA Ithaas and SGA Almas”!
4 SGA You Tube
The all video cassettes are converted in to DVDs, all such videos are being uploaded on SGA You Tube Channel, which is listened by thousands of viewers. The number of channel subscribers is increasing day by day.
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