The Sindh Graduates Association (SGA) volunteer branches have proactively stepped up to address and rectify skin health concerns prevalent in the most underprivileged sections of society. Their primary aim is to deliver healthcare services, specifically catering to individuals grappling with skin diseases, often stemming from polluted water sources and inadequate nourishment.

Awareness Campaigns for Skin Care:

The SGA volunteer branches have initiated extensive awareness campaigns, targeting vulnerable communities to impart knowledge about skin health. These educational drives are instrumental in illuminating the critical link between skin diseases and contaminated water sources or malnourishment. They emphasize personal hygiene practices, skin care regimens, and the pivotal role of clean water consumption.

Medical Interventions for Dermatological Issues:

Foremost among the SGA’s initiatives are the medical camps they organize. These serve as essential hubs where dermatologists diagnose and treat a multitude of skin conditions arising from water pollution and malnourishment. Through these camps, free medical consultations are provided, medications are prescribed, and necessary treatments are administered to those affected.

Targeting the Most Vulnerable:

The focus of these initiatives is to extend support to communities most affected by the detrimental effects of compromised water quality and malnutrition. The volunteer branches ensure that healthcare services are readily available to the most marginalized and geographically remote areas.

Recent Skin Camps