Workshop on Capacity Building of SGA-Branches
1st February to 3rd February 2019
At Countryside Chalet Resort Karachi

The Association has 76 active branches for the period of 2019-2021. SGA-branches are the main stream of volunteer portfolio of the Association. Council of Members is the supreme body of the Association. After CEC, all the major decisions and planning are made through this competent forum.

SGA has scheduled a workshop to enhance the capacity of all responsible office bearers of SGA Branches. In the first phase 25 branches have confirmed their nominations for the workshop:-

The following major topics to be covered in the scheduled event:-
a) Aims and Objectives of the event
b) Brief Introduction of SGA and its working mechanism at policy level
c) Vision and Future Strategy of SGA
d) Resource Mobilization and Social Sector Development
e) Event Management, Advocacy and Leadership
f) How to move towards Paperless Environment in Branches
g) Report Writing
h) Responsibilities of branches in light of SGA Constitution
i) Record Keeping, Budgeting and its importance at Branch level
j) Social Mobilization and Roles of SGA Branches
k) Importance of Planning and, how to Plan activities
l) Volunteerism and sharing developmental experiences.