Mr. Wali Mohammad Roshan is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over five decades. Born in a humble background in 1946, Mr. Roshan has academic qualifications in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sindh in 1968 and a Bachelor of Law from the same university in 1970.

He has also received additional qualifications and training, including a program on “Self-Employment/Income Generating Schemes using Micro Credit Through employment exchange mechanism” in Bangladesh in October 1996, sponsored by ILO. A training program on Monitoring and Evaluation held at North East Wales Institute Wrexham Wales U.K, & Dublin, South Ireland in 1992. During his career, Mr. Roshan has attended several workshops and seminars related to Manpower development, employment promotion monitoring, and surveillance.

Mr. Roshan’s career started in secretarial service and culminated in him holding the key post of Director Manpower & training Government of Sindh. He worked as the Director of the Directorate of Manpower Planning & Training, Sindh, with the prime objective of capacity building of potential labor forces to make them employable in the local industrial-oriented labor market as well as the international labor market. He successfully managed 35 technical/vocational training centers in Sindh.

As the Deputy Director (Administration) at the Directorate of Manpower & Training, Sindh, Karachi, Mr. Roshan was responsible for personnel management of the officers and officials of the Directorate and its field officers in Sindh. He managed the administration of field officers, i.e., Employment Exchanges and Technical Training Centers in Sindh, organized recruitment of field and office staff, prepared periodical budgets, and maintained accounts. During his tenure as Deputy Director (Research) at the Directorate of Manpower & Training, Sindh, Karachi, Mr. Roshan’s research activities were related to Manpower Planning and Organization of Research work needed for Development and Management.

Mr. Roshan has worked as the Registrar and First-Class Magistrate and Chief Staff Officer for Disqualification Tribunals. Mr. Roshan has also worked as the Regional Manager & Protector of Emigrants at the Overseas Employment Corporation (Private) Ltd., a Federal Government Enterprise, where he provided employment assistance to candidates for foreign employment in South East Asia and Middle East countries. He supervised emigration organization at Karachi Airport against illegal emigration.

Mr. Roshan is not only a highly accomplished professional, but he is also a remarkable social worker and philanthropist. He has dedicated over 50 years of his life to the Sindh Graduates Association, where he was one of the founding members. Throughout his tenure, he served as the Secretary General for eleven (11) terms and for Two (02) terms as Chairperson. His contributions to the organization and the community are widely recognized and respected. Mr. Roshan’s extensive experience in the field of social sector development and sustainable community-based projects has made him a well-known and respected figure in both official and community circles. His efforts towards the cause of education are particularly noteworthy, as he has established and led the Roshan Tara School network, which has become a hallmark of his dedicated work towards education.

Mr. Roshan & Team of visionary founders of the Organization paved the way for coordination and partnership with National & International NGOs to address social issues such as health, emergency, water and sanitation, income generation, human rights advocacy, human resource development, and entered into partnership agreements with Government of Pakistan & Govt. of Sindh, ILO, UNICEF, UNESCO, CIDA, the World Bank, SPO, OXFAM, TVO, SEF,  SANA, ActionAid Pakistan, RSPN, INFAQ Foundation, Khushhali Bank, USAID, Jummani Family, and others to help bring about socio-economic change and sustainable development in the province of Sindh.

During the Super floods in the year 2010, in Sindh, Mr. Roshan spearheaded gigantic Rescue & Relief operation, tirelessly working to provide the much-needed support to the thousands of families and worked for the rehabilitation of flood affected families.

Mr. Roshan has played vital role in materializing Partnership agreement with Education department Government of Sindh for the Management Control of Public School Gadap. Karachi.

Mr. Roshan is known for his unwavering integrity, professionalism, and unrelenting dedication to the betterment of society. His contributions and achievements have left an indelible mark on the community, and he continues to be an inspiration to many.