SGA Islamabad Branch

SGA Islamabad Branch is actively managing the Shah Abdul Latif Community Centre project, which includes the SGA Youth Hostel and SGA Women Working Hostel in
1. SGA Working Women Hostel:
Current Residents: 109
Facilities: Mess, Internet, Backup Electricity, Security, Laundry
Additional Features: Natural Atmosphere, 200 KVA Transformer installed
on 18th August 2022
2. SGA Youth Hostel (Dormitories) Islamabad:
Accommodates 25 unemployed youth in 3 dormitories
Approximately 293 individuals have benefited from the hostel facility
A dedicated committee ensures discipline and oversees day-to-day affairs
Over 10,000 unemployed youth and others have utilized the hostel facility
since 2006.
The branch is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and disciplined environment
for the residents, contributing significantly to the community in the federal capital.
SGA Kitab Ghar at Islamabad:
The SGA Islamabad Branch actively participated in enhancing the literary resources of the Dr. Feroz Library through various contributions and gifts. The branch made a significant contribution to the SGA Head Office Publication, specifically directed towards enriching the collection at the Dr. Feroz Library. This initiative aimed to foster an environment of knowledge and learning. The library received valuable literary additions from distinguished individuals. Professor Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi generously
donated the book “Sindhi under One Unit,” contributing to the library’s diverse collection.
This addition aligns with the library’s mission to preserve and showcase the richness of
Sindhi literature.
In addition to external contributions, the library also received a thoughtful gift from Badauruddin Ujjan, who presented a book to enhance the literary offerings at the Dr. Feroz Library. Moreover, Madam Mahtab Akber Rashdi, the former Chairman of SGA, extended her support by gifting a book to the library. Her gesture contributes to the ongoing efforts to make the Dr. Feroz Library a hub of knowledge and cultural exploration. These generous contributions and gifts play a vital role in maintaining the Dr. Feroz Library as a vibrant center for intellectual engagement and cultural preservation, fostering a love for literature within the community.